Renault R-35 early - vol.4 - polish markings

Decals for polish markings from Semptember '39. It came from RPM's model A lot of thanks for my good friend Grzegorz, who gave me this set.


M26 Dragon Wagon - diorama - vol.4 - small painting SBS

Pin-wash by Van Dyke Bronze oil paint and tiny brush.

Rains effect was created by AK Interactive mixture "Streaking Grime".

...and wiped by lighter petrol named- "Ronson". Highly recommended likewise White Spirit.

The same steps and techniques used on the LCM-3 model.


Renault R-35 early - vol.3

Happy Easter Everyone!

I've painted my Renault tank that day. I've decided to "sharp ended" camo with black lines. It has very vivid colours, typical for french camo from this period of War. 
I used several Vallejo Model Color and Panzer Aces series paints to create scheme by round brush. At the end, I used extra fine pernament marker in black colour to paint black lines.
In my opinion, this technique is much easier and faster than painting black lines using fine brush.

By the way, I'm preparing figures for small vigniete. Producer of the tank crew is polish resin company "Scibor Miniatures". Higly recommended!