S-65 Stalinietz - diorama

I was looking for some vignette or diorama ideas. I spent a lot of time reviewing archive pics and finally found it. This photo inspired me to build the scene below:
for discussion only

The scene presents S-65 towing Pz.kpfw I Ausf.A in russialand. I decided to create similar scene. 
Sometime ago I bought resin building from "Reality in Scale" producer. The set was named "Russian House" 72-004 and it's perfect for my diorama. I put some figure from Preiser and one from resin.

The Panzer I comes from First to Fight kit. It's great kit, but it needs some additional aftermarktes sets. The suspension and tracks was upgraded with Modell Trans resin conversion. I also used MiniWorld barrel of machine guns (thank you Hubert :) ) and some scracth to improve model construction. 


S-65 Stalinietz - Wespe Model

Some scratch from polystyrene sheet was made. The tractor is ready for the painting stage. Time to start thinking about diorama or vigniette. Any ideas? Feel free to share it.


S-65 Stalinietz - Wespe Model

This time I would like to present resin model of very popular russian tractor - S65 ChTZ Stalinitez. The old resin kit with nice detailed parts. The worst is the assembly instruction, which isn't helpful and I needed some reference pics to put parts in right place.

Few of scratch should be prepared to get minimum satisfied result.


FSC Żuk - Balaton Model 1/72

I've just received the new PE sets for Żuk kit. The polish producer, FPW Model prepared great aftermarket set. The parts involved new front grill, mudguards, registration plates and FSC emblem. I'm planning upgrade my model with these PE details. It should give more realistic effect at the end.


FSC Żuk - Balaton Model 1/72

This time I took on my workshop something a little different. It's new kit from resin producer Balaton Model, which shows polish civilian truck FSC Żuk. The set is equiped in few high quality resin parts and PE elements. The whole in-box review you can find on my friend's website KFS-miniatures. 

I'm going to build some vigniete with daily life surroundings from the past. 
The Żuk is ready for painting stage, although few parts left to assembled.


Crusader Mk.III AA - Polish 1st Armoured Division in 1944.

After few months I found time to take some shots of my finished Crusader AA project. 

It shows Polish 1st Armoured Division vehicle in 1944.

To remind, it's Tamiya set in 1/48 scale. Yes, it is not 1/72 scale AFV, but  1/48 scale. I do sometimes small exception :) 


2S3 AKATSIYA - Balaton Model 1/72

My 2S3 Akatsiya is ready. Please find the galery shots below.  The scene presents the vehicle from Marinovka, Ukraine in 2014.