[Gallery] Stug III Ausf.C/D & Sd.Ah.116 - diorama

Both plastic kits are from Tumpeter (07257 and 07249 ).
I upgrated trailer with resin wheels from CMK B72023 .
Stug got new grills from PE set (Voyager), new brass handles and metal barrel (RB Model)
Each figure is 3D printed resin released by Ammo by MIG (AMIG8913)

This picture inspired me to build the scene:

Some shots from the workbench before painting:


[Gallery] C7P - Polish tracked artillery tractor

Mirage plastic set no 72891 with UM plastic tracks.
Stowage is custom-made from Tanksformers (thank you Paweł!)
220mm wz.32 Škoda mortar barrel is resin kit from Modell-Trans with small my own upgrade.
Figures - White Stork Miniatures
1/72 scale


[Gallery] Autocar U-71144-T and F1 Fuel Tanker semi trailer

"Autocar U-71144-T and F1 Fuel Tanker semi trailer. Kwajalein, Marshall Islands. "

Airfix kit upgraded with Brengun PE set and ModellTrans resin wheels. 1/72 scale


Autocar U-71144-T and F1 Fuel Tanker semi trailer

Autocar truck and semi trailer is painted and ready for weathering stage. Meanwhile I started making palm tree, but it's still need to be painted.


[Gallery] IS-2 5100 “Tadeusz” from Polish 5th Heavy Tank Regiment

IS-2 5100 “Tadeusz” from Polish 5th Heavy Tank Regiment captured by Germans near Bautzen (pl Budziszyn) 1945

The base is Zvezda kit (no 5011) mixed with parts from Italeri set no 7040 (tracks, hatch). There are some extra aftermarket sets:

- aliminium barrel from RB Model 72-B09

- PE parts from SG Modelling F72002

- towing cables from Karaya ER-7213

- DT-29 soviet machine gun's barrel in the turret (backside) from MiniWorlds A7249a.

- Pistolport cup is 3D printed

As you can see I made welding effect around the turret and at the front of the hull. I used plastic stick and Tamiya Epoxy Putty.

The armour texture was prepared using old brush and mixture of Tamiy's putty and glue.