[Gallery] Sd.kfz 250/10 in polish service

This project was finished few days ago. The model presents Sd.kfz 250/10 in polish service.
It's 13th Self-Propeller Artillery Regiment, Germany, April-May 1945 .
Model is MK72 set with decals from Toro Model 72D20/
Scale 1/72 of course.


[Gallery] M3 Half-Track, Sicily 1943

After one year I realized that I forgot to upload M3 Half-Track galery on my blog. It's time to change it.
My work is kit from Academy producer. The model was upgradeted by few scratch corrections:
-> the brackets of front window armor plate (using copper wire)
-> metal bands around side armor plates on the vehicle's back (poliestyren strips from Evergreen)
-> opened back door,
-> accessories set from Black Dog (resin)
-> figure from Scale75 (resin)

The model was awarded in Master Diorama/vignette category in 1/72 scale in MosonShow 2019:


Sd.kfz 250/10 in polish service - painting

I moved forward a little bit. Base color and decals were applied. I started weathering the whole vehicle, but it's still in progress.


Sd.kfz 250/10 in polish service

This is first time when Mk72 kit appeared on my workbench. I would like to build Sd.kfz 250/10 captured by polish army in 1945 and used by 13th Self-Propeller Artillery Regiment. The b/w photowas taken in Germany in April-May 1945.

In this project I will use decal set no 72D20 from Toro Model.
 Very interesting pic shows early version of Sd.kfz 250 with 37mm anti tank gun.
For discussion only.

Grilles from scratch PE parts.
Base color applied.

Interrior painting.

Notek lamp is resin aftermarket part from very old ARMO set. 
I added few more details from my own scratch.


S-65 ChTZ Stalinietz - Wespe Model - GALLERY

Let me show you finished diorama with my S65 Tractor. It's 1/72 scale.

To sum up it's resin kit from Wespe Model.
The Pz.kpfw I Ausf. A is plastic kit produced by First to Fight. It was upgraded with resin Modell Trans conversion, metal barrels and my own scratch. Figures are from Preiser sets and some resin.