[Gallery] Kraz 255b with excavator EOV-4421

After half a year I finished this Kraz эов 4421. It's ADV Models (set no 1582) + resin conversion from Gun Tower (set no 72014) in 1/72 scale.

"2/11/2022, Bashtanka, Ukraine"

My inspiration - I found these pictures set on facebook group. My friends shared me the link and I decided to create similar miniature. Thank you Piotr for supporting me with such reference pictures. 

"BASHTANKA, UKRAINE - NOVEMBER 02: An engineer operates a military excavator to dig a trench system on November 2, 2022 in Bashtanka, Mykolaiv oblast, Ukraine. The region's wet weather and terrain may make a counteroffensive here difficult for Ukrainian forces than their successful offensive operations around Kharkiv this summer. "

Preliminary terrain sculupting using Diorama Modeling Clay from Modellers World. It's very convenient solution, because it covers surface smoothly and it's not sticky to the tool or finger

This one of the best solution to made tyre tread in the ground.

Kraz wheels weathering. So enjoying 🤩

Pictures from workbench:

Resin conversion (excavator, wheels), photo-etched parts and several handles and hydraulic cables using copper wire. Wheels, both cabins will be pernamently glued after the painting. Still missing some other details - hydraulic cables on crane arm, back mirros, front headlight, windscreen and cabin windows.

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