Operation "Zitadelle" Kursk 1943 1/72

Small update. I airbrushed camouflage colours on the Pz III. Moreover, M3 Lee also got colours and was painted in "colour modulation" style. All vegetation was painted for less bright green tones. The thatch from makeup brush was airbrushed grey and now it looks much older.

Pz.Kpfw III Ausf. M - Revell - 1/72

I airbrushed camouflage colours on the Pz III.


"No name2" diorama

Go ahead, I have finished the cottage in 90%. The small villege house was painted by acrylics and I have made rains using MIG oils, but they aren't visible on the photos. It must be improved in the future. 
I made the thatch usnig hair from makeup brush.



"No name2" diorama

Little progress. M3 Lee is ready to paint. Mirage kit took me more time to get all elements together. They doesn't fit as well as Revell tank. What's next? Terrain, figures...maybe something else.