Jozin z Bazin, JSU-152 from Italeri

Red U-Boat is coming....

The ISU needs few corrections. I made welded seams in places like the plate junction. The Wamod glue was quite helpful in this case. What is more, I made new handrails using the copper wire. Also, the lamp was improved by drilling.


Jozin z Bazin, JSU-152 from Italeri

Let's get started with the next project. There will be a small vigniette with  JSU-152 and some figures. But there is problem with my kit from Italeri. It hasn't got all chassis parts. I have used some of them working with another model. Fortunately, I have found an interesting pic on the Internet. This photo inspired me to build simmilar scene, so the problem was solved quickly. However, the challenge will be making  water effects realistic...

The stuff:


Panzerfähre Prototype Nr.I

After a few months, I have finished my Panzerfähre. It was great testing ground for AK Interactive products. In the future, I will build the next one with small base.


X International Modelling Festival, Bytom 2013

Both of my models were awarded on X International Modelling Festival in Bytom, Poland. It was the best edition, I have ever taken part in. Great show, where I met new modellers and friends. Regards for everyone and the AK Interactive Group.