7TP Polish Light Tank - Mirage Hobby 1/72

Very nice kit from Polish producer - Mirage Hobby. I built model out of the box. Tank from Mirage is well detailed set, there are many elements and details like in 1/35 kits. Here you can find the review.


I added only several handles and the plastic barrel was drilled. This time the base or diorama will not be prepare. Surely, I will build the next one in the future.


Char B1 Bis - Trumpeter 1/72


Firstly, I would like to wish Happy New Year everyone! Year 2013 was poor period for my hobby, sadly I hadn't enough time for modelling (however I bought many new boxes, so my modelling depot got crowded at all...  :) ) I hope you will see more up-dates on my modelling blog and fanpage, more pics from the workshop and galleries in 2014... Thank you for watching and subscribing.

Lets return to the topic. My Char is built and ready to paint. Model was easy to fix, I didn't need much time to finish it.

There are some corrections:
- new machine gun in the turret - I used medical needle 0,4mm
- metal covers on
exhaust pipes - two pieces of aluminium sheet
- several hooks and handles - copper wire

I hope you like it. Best regards.