MR. Paint - first impression

Several months ago, during Moson Model Show 2019 in Hungary I noticed small stand in modelling marketplace. The stand was equipped only with the bottles of MRP paints . After smalltalk with the seller I decided to buy and try few of them in my workshop.
Finally, I found time to test them and below you can find my opinion about them.

MRP are acrylic laquer paints prepared for airbrush. They are very simillar to Gunze products, but they're more diuluted. You can apply them straight into airbrush's container without adding any thinner. 
I was suprised, because it was so easily to paint thin lines and details without any airbrush adjustment. The layers are very thin, so if you want to paint large surface you have to apply several thin layers.
Paints dry rather fast, but it seems that they have retarder inside. The surface is smooth and flat after drying.
What about colors? I tested german AFV pallete colors and they looks similar to the true colors. Personally, it's not important for me, because I always mix paints before airbrushing.
Unfortunatelly, theye are not odourless like typical acrylic paints. What is more, I can't use applicator properly and it's very difficult to apply drops properly for me. The bottles aren't enough flexible.
The cap is very useful, when you try to open bottle using one hand. But you have to remember to close the cap after using, because it's one second when your bottle fell over and made mess on your workshop.

How to clean airbrush after painting using MRP paints? I use Tamiya Airbrush Cleaner and it works correctly.

These were cons and prons of using MRP paints. I will use them for making camoflage on my AFV models in braile scale, because there're very convenient and forgot most mistakes.

Pz.kpfw III Ausf.A - "World at War" series

I've tested my new black surfacer from Mr Hobby. It's easily to apply it on the surface and after drying we get flat, matt but smooth surface. 

Base paiting stage. First time when I added one drop of blue color to my panzer grey mixture. Some highlights were painted using tiny brush and Vallejo MC series acrylic paints.