Char B1 Bis diorama - german horse-drawn wagon

Revell's kit is low-detailed model made of rubber plastic. It's difficult to work with it. My idea is to scratch it using plastic sheets and metal wire. That wagon is called Feldhaubitzprotze 18/40, so I started looking for some inspiring pics which would help me improving and detailing my model.

Some helpful links:

My horse-drawn wagon for diorama:

A few archive pic:


XI International Festival of Plastic Scale Models Bytom 2014

My ISU-152 wasn't awarded on XI International Modelling Festival in Bytom, Poland. However, it was the best edition, I have ever taken part in. Best wishes for my friends. There were more than 1300 great models and there were 365 competitors. See gallery on my facebook fanpage.

"First to fight" - Semptember 1939 models - finished

Yes, my tiny army is finished. It took me several days to paint all models. So, let me show the result.


Char B1 Bis diorama conception

After brainstorming I decided the final diorama concept with my Char 1b Bis. I think that's much more intresting than common model's base with piece of ground. The figure of Virgin Mary will be fenced by fine wood fence and decorated. Unfortunately I forgot the name of this figure resin producer. A pair of German injured soliders is from Zvezda. The waggon is a part of the old Revell German Artillery set.


"First to fight" - Semptember 1939 models

Hi all,

During the winter I built these small AFV sets from "First to Fight Sp. z o.o."  which are attached to a commemorative publication "Wrzesien 1939" from Poland. The most interesing are polish vehicles (TKS, C2P, TK-3, Wz-34), which are made in very good quality in comparison of new releases of small scale producers. Highly recommended !!!