Stug 33B - base painting vol.3

Let's continue the workshop theme. All base was weathered as you can see. The smoke effect was added on the upper places near windows.

Paints from Vallejo was used to create bricks and rubble.


Stug 33B - base painting vol.2

Now I present the whole scene after the next painting stage. The weathering was also started. I use different products from AK Interactive. The rubble was painted using several paints, most of the was from Model Color "Panzer Aces" palette. The cobblestone got wash from Vallejo (Wash Lavado, Sepia Shade). It's not the end of course...


Stug 33B - the rubble on the base

Keeping forward. The rubble have been added already. The roof's and shutter'sha wood parts also have been appeared.
To create the rubble around the ruin I applied a terracotta glue in the first step. Then I threw crushed pieces of plaster. Fine sand was glued with AMMO Mig "Sand & gravel glue" in the last step. Time to paint, apply wash and weathering all base.