2S3 AKATSIYA - Balaton Model 1/72

Most ukrainian vehicles had white strips on armor plates. So I've painted them on my model too. I use several masking tapes and white paint as in the picture below.

I made several scratching effects using tweezers to create realistic view.


2S3 AKATSIYA - Balaton Model 1/72

Few shots from Akatsiya project below. I've made some progress in painting stage.

I applied thin layer of Heavy Chipping acrylic fluid from AK Interactive. Then some camuflage was painted by airbrush using Tamiya acrylic paint. After few seconds I took old flat brush and made some scratch and chipping effects.
The yellow strips on each fenders were made using Tamiya masking tape. I airbrushed MrHobby GX4 "Chara yellow" which covered all area perfect with thin layer.