M36 "Slugger" - painting progress

My M36 after gloss varnish and decals applying. What is more, I have made filter by airbrushing Clear Orange from Hobby Color.

Tiger I Early 1/72 - Trumpeter - for customer

During M36 project I am working at Trumpeter kit. I was very suprised - the Tiger kit is very well done by producer. Every elements fit good together. I didn't use gram of putty. I could say that the Trumpeter Tiger is better than the Dragon one. However, it doesn't have PE elements like Dragon kit.

By the way, I have added only the RB Model barrel.


M36 "Slugger" - Extratech 1/72

Most new elements on the turret is my own scratch. All needs only small correction using sandpaper. Now, I am preparing accesories, rucksacks, crates, jerry-cans and other.