StuG 33B - weathering vol.2 - last phase

The last weathering step is published in the topic. To finish Stug 33b I used these enamel colors from AK, which was applied randomly on the tracks like on the photo.


Stug 33B - base painting vol.4

So if the Stug 33B have winter camo then the snow must be appeared on the base. I used fine silicon sand from the resin set (for dental application) and glued it by "Sand & Gravel Glue" from AMMO of MIg Jimenez. Highly recommend glue!
The wet and mud effect was prepared by different mixtures. Some places were coated by AK enamel color. Moreover, I sprinkled pigment from MIG Productions and varnished it using "Wet effect" from AMMO. Agian using AK Interactive enamel color, dry mud spotters on the snow were ceated by blowing air over a loaded airbrush In the last phase puddles was made by resin from Vallejo (Still Water).