M26 Dragon Wagon - diorama - vol.3

Let's go back to my M26's project with the landing craft. I've made some progress as you can see on photos. Starting the description with the base, I created still water effect. Before this step I painted the grounwork using acrylics and brush. I wanted to create the depth in the water so I painted shades on the bottom - the dark shade on the right corner of base and the lighter near the coast. Then I brushed stones and coast using Model Color acrylics. After this step I prepared the mixture consisting of the transparent resin and drop of Model Color "Mud" paint. This mixtire was applied on the surface. Finally, two layers was applied.

M26 Dragon wagon was airbrushed using "Panzer Aces" Vallejo paint series. This time like in other projects I tried to create some kind of color modulation. The rest of details was painted using very thin brush.

Model of my landing craft have been airbrushed only in base color yet. Some detailes was highlithed by lighter tone of base color using brush.