Pz.kpfw III Ausf.A - "World at War" series

Meanwhile I started next project with new model from the market, which represent Panzer III in Ausf.A version. It's really well detailed kit apart from the tracks. Modell Trans prepared conversion based on Grigorov Pz.III/IV tracks, which is casted in one piece.
I upgradeted model with few scratch like handles from wire oraz drilling the exhaust pipe and lamps.

Curenntly I have no idea for the vignette or diorama. Hopely, we will see in close future.


S-65 Stalinietz - diorama

I was looking for some vignette or diorama ideas. I spent a lot of time reviewing archive pics and finally found it. This photo inspired me to build the scene below:
for discussion only

The scene presents S-65 towing Pz.kpfw I Ausf.A in russialand. I decided to create similar scene. 
Sometime ago I bought resin building from "Reality in Scale" producer. The set was named "Russian House" 72-004 and it's perfect for my diorama. I put some figure from Preiser and one from resin.

The Panzer I comes from First to Fight kit. It's great kit, but it needs some additional aftermarktes sets. The suspension and tracks was upgraded with Modell Trans resin conversion. I also used MiniWorld barrel of machine guns (thank you Hubert :) ) and some scracth to improve model construction.