"From fascism to communism" - Dodge WC-52 diorama 1/72

I found this archive photo on the Internet, when I was looking for information and pics about Dodge truck. The photo inspired me to build such diorama.

Dodge: Italeri base + Academy wheels + Eduard P-E set + scratch
Figures: Preieser sets

Look the workbench.

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  1. Nice diorama. The photo was published by me after I had obtained the original and did restoration work on it. The Dodge is a late model (1944-45) WC51 (without winsch) I have other photos of the same vehicle, that's how I know. The photo was taken in April 1945 outside of the town of Wriezen (19 km away) not far from Berlin.

  2. I will be grateful if you show the rest of pics. Any possibility? maybe via email: mateusz.mathea@gmail.com


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